02 February 2009

Someone is getting their just deserts minus the slagroom

Curious little discovery. The phrase "just deserts" popped up in my head, as stuff tends to happen when the clock is ticking ever closer to 5pm and you still have tons of work to do.

So I figured now was a good time as any to look up the word. Incidentally, I was planning to use that word so it was work related. Somehow.

Well, it was an interesting little bit of research.

For one thing, contrary to popular belief (and my initial misguided spelling attempt), the phrase is "just deserts". One S and not two.

And the origin?

According to Ask Oxford,

plural noun (usu. in phrase get or receive one’s just deserts) what a person deserves with regard to reward or punishment.

— ORIGIN Old French desert, from deservir ‘serve well, deserve’.

Back to work then.