18 June 2009

Easy money using copyright nonsense

Garrrr this is annoying. But then, when is anything linked to copyright news pleasant?

A collection company (i.e. one of the Sheriffs of Prince John, RIAA) is not happy that stations don't wanna play music of finicky copyright-pro musicians? Isn't it upto the stations to play what they want?

And then these folks have the gall to talk about lack of democracy in the 3rd Third. Hypocrisy much? At least some of the more stringent countries are open about their nasty laws.

Quote from Techdirt:

Earlier this week, musicFIRST, the big time lobbying group put together by the RIAA to push for the highly questionable Performance Rights tax on radio stations, did a neat little publicity stunt where it asked the FCC to investigate radio stations that apparently were "boycotting" musicians who supported the Performance Rights tax, claiming that it was an abuse of the airwaves. Remember, this is the same group that just recently called radio "a kind of piracy."