15 June 2009

Let a real expert talk about it

Isn't constant dialog defending New Age pseudo-science stuff just making your case all that weaker?

Now Deepak Chopra has rolled up his sleeves and defended the recent Oprah controversy.

Quote from main article:

The medical profession is burdened with a host of problems that Oprah addresses with more candor and force than the AMA. She promotes wellness and prevention, two areas that drastically need improvement. She brings up creative solutions to problems that medical science is baffled by, such as the healing response itself and the role of subjectivity in patient response. These are issues that few M.D.s are willing to explore, yet she has done so for decades.

Is it me or did he just admit that, yes Oprah has been promoting pseudo-science nonsense for years?

Why not shut up about it?

Better yet, go for the "You'll never understand it" and then fold your arms and sulk in a corner ... seems to be the socially accepted way to win an argument in this regard.

Don't come up with all these arguments and justifications as if both sides can reason this out for a middle ground. Er, you can't. Sorry but science has the upper-hand on the logic and reason, best you stick with that tingy feeling in gut that tells you what to do.

Huffington Post via Reason Weekly