09 June 2009

Some fun jabs at Trekkie series

Me and the better half have been catching up on some original Star Trek series. Aaah, the good old days when it was all about morals and saving the Earth ... albeit with characters that seem to be questionable references to various cultures on Earth itself.

I'd still pick these over the new Trek movie. Oh the misery!

Anyway, I just thought I would share some fun details about Star Trek that we were joking about.

Izzard and the red shirt

Remember comedian Eddie Izzard talking about the red shirt guys? And how they are almost always roadkill? I am sure it was Izzard who mentioned it.

Well, turns out he had a point there.

If, on any given instance, Kirk, Spock and the good doc beam down to Earth along with a good old red shirted crew member, who do you think will be dismembered/turned into a cube/poofed into a stone/killed?

If there were two red-shirted folk and one of them was a woman, who would be killed first?

Turns out I was wrong in my wager there.

Kirk and the Ladies

Which brings me to the next point.

Capt. Kirk almost always makes out with the ladies. Spreading the good word, herpes, you know the drill.

But how do you know if he will be donning some lip balm in that episode?

Look for any new female cast members; the amount of clothing on a woman's body is directly proportional to her chances of being his next target, I meant love toy, no wait, lady love.

What's with the killer kick

If there is a fighting scene (and you know there will be), watch out for Kirk's killer kick. He does this strange wrestler type jump and it seems to be his trademark move.

A running jump followed by two feet kick.

Very Street Fighter 2.

It can't hold a candle to Spock's deathly grip though.