18 June 2009

Why IE8 is better than other browsers

Must ... stop .... laughing.

To all those out there who know what a browser is (yes, I saw the Chrome video recently and boy that was funny too), this will be ... painful. And utterly hilarious.

Comparing IE8 to other browsers. Oh dear dear!


Neither Firefox nor Chrome provide guidance or enterprise tools. That's just not nice.

Er, 'That's just not nice'? Is that your argument now?

Side note: No sign of Opera ... wonder if that's cos Opera would kick their behind in the browser dept.


Ayya said...

ROFL... have to experience this first hand... they should have compared smelliness to prove their superiority once and for all.. hehe.. good laugh indeed

Aktief Kulture said...

Hehe, smelliness indeed. What's that stink, oh it's just IE. :)

By the way, there was also a story that IE8 is trying to pay folk to use IE8 ... or at least wave the allure of "you can win this amount if you use IE". Did you see that one?