12 June 2009

Friday Links

What's been going on this week? There are links to the Stargate Atlantis movie premeire (mostly because of the number of searches for it on my blog), Terry Pratchett and the copyright law in France.

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Stargate Atlantis Movie

A lot of folks looking for information about the next Stargate Atlantis movie. I must admit, I have been somewhat oblivious to recent updates. In between moving abroad and getting tons of new work, I never got around to finishing the last season.

Well, for anyone curious about it, it looks like they might be working on it. At least that is what the wiki says.

If you are looking for good sources about Stargate Atlantis, I suggest subscribing to Joseph Mallozzi's blog (thanks to aindy for pointing out the blog in the first place). I noticed that he talks about upcoming projects and throws in titbits about the Atlantis movie.

From what he said on June 2009, a date has not been set for Stargate Atlantis movie. And they have not set date to shoot the movie.

It's a cold day in a non-existent hell

Unless there is a heat wave where Dreamworks is based.

I came across this bit of news today.

DreamWorks Animation is going to bring a mix of original films, sequels and spinoffs to the big screen, announcing it will release eight animated feature films through 2012.

Yea, like I care.

Oh wait ... one of the movies will be:

Truckers, based on the first book in Terry Pratchett’s The Bromeliad Trilogy about a society of tiny beings that live in a department store. The script is being written by Simon Beaufoy, who won the Oscar this year for Slumdog Millionaire.

Noooooo! :( You expect them to take an excellent story like that, one that comments on society and religion and make something decent out of it.

Copyright police: Companies vs. the public

Found this article about France's three strikes rule.

Seems like they might have a bit of problem enforcing the blacklisting tactics. Read the full details here as there are more complications than they are admitting or letting on.

I loved the references to how the law violates the rights of man. Damn right.


But IFPI hasn't received much in the way of "cooperation" from ISPs, which will generally disconnect paying subscribers only under government mandate. That's why no US ISP has come out publicly in support of a similar (voluntary) graduated response scheme proposed by the RIAA, it's why UK ISPs would only agree to go forward with warning letters and nothing more, and it's why French ISPs aren't currently cutting off subscribers.