15 June 2009

What's with these stupid remakes?

You know, I heard that bit of news about the new Buffy movie a while back. Could have been last week but who's counting?

Anyway, when I first heard about it, I was not sure if Whedon would be a part of it. Sure, they were hinting that some other folks were going to dabbling around with the concept but there was no outright "Whedon = No".

Until now.

Airlock Alpha was talking about it recently and they have quoted Whedon as saying that he is nowhere near that project. By choice.

I'm with the site on this one - good luck to guys trying to remake / maim the beloved series. Whedon was the one who made it cool in the first place. Ye, I watched the original movie and it wasn't all that brilliant.

I also have this fear that any new allusions to vampires post-Twilight will have the wannabe-goth look going on. Boy, is that going to be painful.

Airlock Alpha