26 June 2009

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Apparently the judge likes his music

Didn't see this coming. Richard Marx has expressed his views on the recent Jammie-Thomas Rasset case. He seems quite upset that his music was used in that case.


Her accountability itself is not in question, but this show of force posing as judicial come-uppance is clearly abusive. Ms. Thomas-Rasset, I think you got a raw deal, and I'm ashamed to have my name associated with this issue.

What's his face form U2 and Sheryl Crow could learn a thing or two from him.

Source: Arstechinca

Ways to improve posture

Ye, I got tired just by reading this article. Somehow I see myself sticking to the Igor pose near my work PC.

Well for anyone who is interested, here are way to "improve your hunched over the PC" posture.

Ad made of Zim dollars

Remember that billboard made entirely of Zim Dollars? The one that said "Thanks to (President Robert) Mugabe this money is wallpaper,". Ok, so it had other saying too but this one kind of stuck with me.

Well, this particular ad won an advertising award.

Read the article here.

Freelancing guide

And if you doing freelancing (more specifically, writing web content), this is a good article to read.

It's called Web Content Sites: Do you have job security?

Good discussion, great points. How sad that one of my former clients fall into all of the warning signs listed in that article. Hence why the person is an ex-client, I suppose.

Finishes with a Nike ad too

Not a bad article. The don't make excuses guide.

This is probably more relevant on Monday.

And when I am supposed to go for a long walk or something.