09 September 2008

Dollhouse Spoilers?

I've been meaning to put this up for a while. I found the link to this video through Watching Dollhouse, hence you know this post is about Dollhouse.

The video basically covers spoilers about Dollhouse from Tahmoh Penikett. You can't really call the spoilers, maybe insights into what you already know.

In other news, io9 has titbits of an interview with Amy Acker and how she ended up playing the role of dr Claire Saunders. I don't mind same actors crossing over to different series. I do have a problem with same actor playing different roles in the same series - without the diginity of wearing a face hiding mask as well. Think SGA.

As the website aptly pointed out, Joss Whedon does seem to be a bit of a Matrix fan. Or Matrix is the flick that comes to mind as you hear more about the story - that all 'Dolls' have skills and personalities downloaded into their memory.

Penikett also notes that the Dolls are working for money and hence are mecernary killers, with a technological twist I suppose.

I am actually wondering if Matrix was not the main inspiration for the series but perhaps the general idea of storing your personality in a computer (think the Napster incident in Futurama).


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