16 September 2008

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse - Network Interference is Killing it?

Have you heard the latest?

The buzz going around that Joss Whedon has halted production on Dollhouse so that he can work on / rewrite / brush up scripts for the show?

Okay, so maybe he has not had time to do a cool number on Dollhouse yet. And he needed time to get the creative juices flowing. Maybe that's the story.

Then again, I have read other stories, ones that imply network interference as well as a bizarre implication that people might find show a bit hard to follow.

Why would Fox make a fuss of Dollhouse, especially with the show concept of programmed human beings, while time and time again other movie-makers have come up with the same notion (think Matrix, the terrible Dark Angel series, to name just a few)? Only difference here would be Joss Whedon's portrayal of the whole concept and perhaps it does not fit into the generic formula evident in most telly shows right now.

It would be a dumb move from the side of Fox to mess around with yet another work of Joss Whedon (remember Firefly) - he has a large fanbase and Dr Horrible is setting the stage for more material to be launched online. So what happens if Joss Whedon turns his full attention to new media? I am not going to complain but the biggest loser here would be networks like Fox.


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