01 August 2008

Joss Whedon interview; Dr Horrible can be lovable new idea

I found a Joss Whedon interview on THR; a little insight into making of Dr Horrible (why he made it the way he did), upcoming Dollhouse and of course, Buffy comics.

About online streaming as a new business model:

None of us is going to become a billionaire from doing this but yes, I think it's very tricky and most people will tell you it can't be done. I was prepared to lose every cent that I put into this. I did this because, well, I got to make a musical first and foremost, but because we do need new business models for the creative community as residuals are going to become a thing of the past. "Dr. Horrible" should turn a profit and just enough to continue at that level.

I'm glad he is introducing the idea. I don't think enough people (producers, bigwigs with money, guy who fixes the power cables and some of your own family members) understand the power of new media and how it is changing the way we do things. You can work online for a boss who is in another country; newspapers are a bit old school since all news can be accessed online; who cares about cable tv since I would rather watch the boxset I bought from amazon anyway ... and so on and so forth.

I've been telling quite a few people about using 'new media' as a way of promoting their band or artwork or even writing. But everyone is skeptical despite the very real possibility of success. Sadly, they would rather send a print portfolio or CD to a disgruntled secretary in some office than create an online portfolio and perhaps create a new wave in DeviantArt.

So be it then. Kudos to Joss Whedon for contributing to the trend. I am definitely buying that DVD.

On a sidenote, when people talk about audiences in new media, do note that they refer to people all over world and not just the ones with internet access on US shores. Yes, the 'Third World' has net access and they know how to use it. Ask the IT company who they outsource their work to. Told you.