24 July 2008

A Bad Review of Dark Knight

A lotta my friends have been excited about Dark Knight. Many have asked me what I thought of trailer, am I as gung-ho about it etc. etc.

I explain to them why I am put off by the new Batman movie. No one believes me ... rather, there is a look of disbelief, somewhere along the lines of "No! That did not happen!"

Incident in question? Namely that Warner Bros. had a blogger named Uruloki's Flickr account deleted 'cos he had access to unauthorized pictures of the Dark Knight.

Now Warner Bros. had already issued a cease-and-desist order to the blogger. Sure enough, he got rid of them.

But wait, WB went a step further and had his Flickr account deleted, an account that had other pics, some of which were perfectly legit ones. Can you imagine what a blow this was to the poor guy?

Quote from IEBS as seen on FilmDrunk-
since every image on his site from the last five years was also hosted there, he pretty much lost everything.

[New addition] Found another link about the story @ CC2K

Link to Uruloki blog itself!

That was just nasty.

Since then I've pretty much sworn off any Batman flicks by Warner Bros. I just might overlook most movies done by WB and just stick to other production companies.

As it is, it's a bit tacky that they are using Heath Ledger's name to promote the movie. Ledger was an excellent actor and he probably did a fantastic job on this movie.

But don't inadvertently bank on his death and hype on this as his very last performance. That's tasteless with capital T.

By the way, on the subject of Warner Bros. deleting the Flickr account ... if you can find anymore stories about this incident (happened in Dec 2007), please send me the links. I am just curious to see if they are still out there, buried away somewhere or if they just 'disappeared'.