04 July 2008

Stay a while ...

A collective gasp all over the gaming world.

Diablo 3 was announced recently!

Time to get a mean gaming machine - SC2 this year with Diablo 3 to follow up? It's Christmas and Easter all in one ... or the mental equivalent of seeing an annoying person fall flat on their face.

A friend of mine with internetlessness (I know the word's awful but it sounds fun to say) was worried that it could only be played online.

No fear, it looks like Blizzard is sticking to the old format of Diablo 2 - offlline play by yourself, online fun with your buddies. That just sounded weird.

Alrighty. So browse around in the official Blizzard site and check out the amazing graphics, news or just drool at the screen, making Smeagel noises.