10 July 2008

I got my eyes on you

And no one to watch your back?

National Geographic has a fascinating article about the 'missing link' for flatfishes.

The article talks about a paper by Paleontologist Matt Friedman who, after numerous CT scans of flatfish fossils, found an intermediary group.

Flatfishes of the good old ancient days had eyes on both sides, as you do. But somehow, along the way, through the tough times and fishy recessions, flatfishes ended up with eyes on one side of the body. Yai yai yai!

Why is this groundbreaking?

Well, creationists used to pish-posh the very idea that this particular type of fish might have 'evolved', hah! the very thought. No, I think they were going in for the thunder, lightning, zap zap kind of immediate alteration between generations.

Now, with the proof of a gradual change, in the form of an intermediate group, creationists might have to rethink their words.