21 July 2008

Dr Horrible has arrived!!!!

Alright, if you didn't know about it and hence didn't watch it over the weekend, you're at the losing end.

Unless you have connect to the iTunes store.

What am I talking about?

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog
!! Absolutely awesome. It had a wicked sense of humor, all characters did a splendid job (my personal fav. was Capt. Hammer) and story was simple but exceptionally well done.

What did you expect, Josh Whedon was involved!!

I love that bit where Capt Hammer says these fists are not the hammer and then comes back to explain exactly what the hammer is! Classic!

I really commend Joss Whedon and co. for experimenting with creative ideas on the internet. I'm quite tired of having perfectly wonderful shows canceled at the whim of a network exec. This way the real brains behind a show can connect with fans (those who matter) and can get the money back (as the ones who really deserve the moolah).

Plus, it's fantastic that he didn't pull the tiresome 'this is only available to US' tactic. That's another pet peeve - I don't care how much of a hoot it is that Lost and Heroes are available online, it is not viewable to those outside US. And hello, when you say thousands are fan of the shows, watch it on cable and buy the boxsets, you are not just refering to those in US!! Or is that another delusional thought by network exec.?

I'm eagerly anticipating Dr. Horrible dvd to come out; that's gonna be money well spent. Watch and see if I ever buy the Heroes boxset - not!!