31 July 2008

Crime Maps to Help Public

I am not so sure about this idea.

British police have a cunning plan; they are going to introduce interactive online maps which will inform public about worrisome crime in their areas. And of course, be able to compare with different neighborhood, for instance, is Grandma Jane's street as violent as she would like the little ones to think.

"By rolling out up-to-date, interactive crime maps we can better inform people about crime problems in their area and enable them to have much more of a say in what their local police focus on," said home secretary Jacqui Smith.

Look, I like the idea. I think the public needs more crimewatch information. My question is, how sure we be that all crimes reported will be uploaded onto the map? I mean look at the scandals surrounds South African police (SAPS) and their firm hold on the crime statistics.

So what about if someone was looking dodgy (under the infamous 'too many strange people take photos' law)? Will the detaining or arrest of such a person be noted on the maps as well?