16 July 2008

Interview with David Hewlett

An interview with David Hewlett!

Yep, Gateworld has come up with another gem; the man who plays Rodney Mckay chats about being a dad, the new Atlantis season and of course, the new commander Robert Picardo.

It sounds like it will be a turning point in the series ... in a good way. I remember reading in a previous interview that Ronon is going to be darker (as if that is possible, nonetheless who's complaining). Now with Woosley's red tape rule, Daniel dropping by to mix things up a bit and a potential love triangle, Atlantis is going strong.

Extract from interview:

And paper! All of a sudden -- five seasons, never saw paper on a desk. And all of the sudden, he's got all these papers and files. We all get handled files. And that's it! So, it's just kind of fun. He's come in and put his stamp on it. And it's fun because you can really play that resentment. And we all resent him anyways. How could you not?