09 July 2008

Lexicon for Modern City Woman

Anyone complaining about the mono-syllablic nature of modern day communication? ROFL, gr8, :) and of course, the ever popular LOL.

Chances are, I probably got that 'great' abbreviation all wrong.

Well, a group of hip-and-happening women has embraced the articulately challenging task and the end result - a book containing useful words, new words for when a few abbreviations are just not enough.

The book is called
"The DailyCandy Lexicon: Words That Don't Exist but Should". From the sound of it (ha, ha), it contains an interesting compilation of words, although i must admit a few do sound 6 degrees too close to televised pop-culture.

According to the news article, here are examples from book:

yelluar - bad connection over cellphone
restaur-romp - make-out session at bar??

By now, there is bound to be a reader who says "Wait, why does it sound like chickie lingo."

Well, to clear that up - yes, it was lingo created by urban women living a fast paced citylife. They found that none of the official lingo quite describes a faulty cell connection as you go through a tunnel at 70m/h. Or something along those lines. So they wanted to share with other like minded women, headed in the same life path.

Enough quips. The fact that a new slang, one that is context and period specific, is being invented and promoted is a exciting. A true testimony to the dynamic nature of language and, of course, creativity of the human mind.