16 July 2008

Pears lie to us

I always wondered about this. I know Eddie Izzard made some classic comments about it. Now science has uncovered the truth behind it.

Do pears rot faster than apples? And the answer is, yes, they do.

According to BBC, Belgian researchers are just this much closer to understanding why pears are such rotten fruit. Because they don't air out the core, dammit!

Enough with the dramatics and here comes the explanation.

The secret seems to be the basic structure of pears; one they are plucked from their mama-tree, pears need a bit of breathing space when they are stored ("who stinks in here, wear some deo for seed' sake"). The way pears are made up, the little air channels in them are not well 'placed' (I call it a evolutionary mishap) and thus, oxygen do not reach the inner bits.

Ever wonder why no one plays bobbing pears?