08 October 2008

More Death Note Accessories

Being an avid Death Note fan, I figured why don't I look for some accessories?

Death Note Figurines:

Kid Nemo - The prices seem to be a bit steep (at least compared to figurine store in town) but I don't suppose any of the popular comic book figures will come at a nifty price.

What caught my eye was this L Figurine; it comes with a chair, multiple body parts and 4 facial expressions. Er... is this a case for Law and Order: SVU? I am not quite sure if you are supposed to stamp individual expressions on as masks OR if there are 4 separate dolls. The picture of the product looks promising. Has anyone bought this? Got a review for it?

Deal Extreme:

The prices seem much better at this place. It even has a happy review from a satisfied customer (for the 6 figure pack). Free Shipping to boot!

The product in question is a 6 figure pack which includes L in a chair (as usual) and Ryuk.

The Anime Figure Pack
from the same site also sounds like a great deal; Rem & Light looks the most promising.


J-Panick: Once again, the prices seem reasonable. There are not too many options though.

Heads up - I was browsing the manga section of this site and realized that almost all are Yaoi. You have been warned.