15 October 2008

World Bank computer servers suffering?

Here's your bit of alarming news for the day - this article states that World Bank's computer networks might have suffered a series cyber attacks.

According to IT News Africa,

The World Bank Group was first notified of the intrusions by the FBI in September 2007, when the bureau was investigating another cybercrime case involving transactions out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Fox News said it has an internal memo describing the initial intrusion to World Bank Group employees.

It goes on to mention the security measures being taken to deal with such intrusions.

Something that was not brought up - if this is a case of spyware and easy to hack computers, maybe you should change your OS.

Even better - what is the extent of internet usage available to employees in World Bank? Do they check their mail? What sites do they visit in their personal capacity? Is there one misguided soul who sends / opens a gazillion spam mails / chain letters?

Perhaps it's time to have a chat with them.