10 October 2008

Various Countries and their take on Evolution

Different countries and their stand on evolution
Photo courtesy: Pharyngula

This was a depressing list. Well, at least for countries that got a nifty red line as opposed to a whimpering blue line. Can't say I am surprised to see US as the second ranking fella there. I suppose there is only one other reaction to this one; Prof. Myers sums it up nicely when he says 'We beat Turkey'.

If you look at the recent trends in US, this lowly rank will not come as a surprise: the way science shows and events are constantly watered down in US; how all scifi shows must accommodate a by-chance super natural intervention in order to get good ratings (think that chance encouter with glow worms in Pitch Black); the number of movies or doccies that keep coming out promoting creationism as if it was a viable, rational theory (urgh).