22 October 2008

Opera studies web content

I have a lotta praise for Opera's web development field; their tutorials and tips are the best I have seen so far.

And thus, when Opera conducts a snazzy study to understand the web content out there on the In-Ter-Net, you sit up and listen. And hopefully click for more info on the subject.

This is an early stage of the study and I am guessing much more weird and wonderful facts will come to light soon.

For now, check this out.

* Flash is used in a lot of Chinese websites
* Denmark feels strongly against it (as can be seen from their piddly little flash usage). Can I pause a bit to say Hooray and Good for you here.
* Big shocker - only 4.13 % are web standards compliant. Oww-eeee. Guess that is why you need to pay your web development folk not just to set up site but also to maintain/remodel it!

There are plenty of other fascinating little tit-bits. So check out full article here.