16 October 2008

Mysterious Island is Like Mysterious Lost Island

Quick note about Mysterious Island.

Myserious what? What are you on about?

Originally a story written by Jules Vernes (of 20 000 Leagues fame), it has been adapted into a movie format over and over again. The story is about a group of castaways stranded on a mysterious island where they learn to fend for themselves. On the one hand they have to deal with a fidgety Nemo (man with the Nautilus) and on the other, a group of swashbuckling pirates intent on swarming the island.

Hey hold on a minute ...

Ye, you guessed it. This book was a major inspiration for Lost. You can be a bit of similarity as you dwell into this movie/book. However, it is not an absolute replication of the story and thus there are a number of differences. Like that annoying girl who keeps getting herself and all others into trouble. Young whippersnapper.

Where did you get this idea anyway?

The movie I saw last night, and hence the reason for this blog, was the 2005 remake boasting actors like Patrick Stewart (one and only) and Kyle MacLachlan (that's Agent Cooper to you). I would call it a low budget affair with pretty backdrop and somewhat poor special effects. However, the direction of the flick itself was noteworthy. I assure you, there is high scale explosion and one line comebacks that seems to be the generic formula for box office hits these days.