17 October 2008

More schmucks take over world

Aussie saving people from dangers of the In-Ter-Net

Boing Boing has a charming little article about the powers that be in Aussie blocking content deemed illegal.

The fact that it will likely reduce everyone's internet performance is secondary; It will most likely incorrectly block 1% of sites, and now what you are allowed to view online is determined and controlled by the state (although most likely quite inaccurately).

And yet, everyone talks about China being the root of all evil (at least where civil liberties are concerned)?

How to stop being a peevologist (hmmm?)

Sites like Verbivore are an absolute delight to read. They bemoan the annoying hoaxes surrounding trivial and faulty linguistic 'puzzles' (and rightly so) and tell those who espouse these little riddles as awfully clever "facts" (cringe at the number of times I got these in a mass mail) to get hobby - at best.

This particular article beats down the silly belief that there are three words in the English languge that end in -gry.

Three secrets to getting 1984-style world - Porn, terrorism & piracy .... Arrrgh!

The Southern folk are having sleepless night due to the remote possibility of child, of negligent parents accessing porn. On the other hand, their distant relatives in the North have other equally stressing worries - no, not the financial crisis and saving the banks - the Big T! Terrorism.

And hence Britain has some dandy plans of "...setting up a database of all phone and e-mail traffic in the country as part of a high-tech strategy to fight terrorism and crime ...".

People losing jobs and not being able to pay rent - good to know the powers that be are pumping money into the right projects.