27 October 2008

Whedon explains status of Dollhouse

Update on Dollhouse:

Joss Whedon has posted a blog explaining the situation on Dollhouse.

Read the full post for explanations. Bottom line? Dollhouse does not sound like it is canceled BUT the pilot is out and there have been some changes. Sounds more like a remashing of the story as a compromise between Whedon's vision and that of the network.

As an ending note, I was quite shocked to read the 'hate' comments in some blogs directed towards Whedon. Their main complaint of the man seems to be that he is smart and is proud to express it.

But then I realised that this is US and there are quite a lot of people out there who do not appreciate intelligence.

This does explain why any intelligent show done by the likes of Whedon does not do too well with the American masses.