17 June 2009

Virgin ain't coy about downloads


Virgin Media is making a deal with one of those big honcho music groups to provide unlimited downloads of music based on a subscription service.

The new system is purported to have a number of perks - you can keep music even after you stop using system and you can download as many as you want in a month.

It annoys me more that Virgin is kind of alright with the three strikes idea.

Quote from Arstechnica:

... Virgin says that it plans to implement a graduated response system (also known as "three strikes") that will result in temporary suspension of Internet access for repeat pirates. Unlike other three-strikes implementations, though, Virgin says no users will be permanently disconnected and that the system won't depend on network monitoring or interception of traffic. Again, Virgin does not specify how it plans to catch offenders without monitoring their traffic.

So 'graduated response system' is the euphemism for 3 strikes? Thanks for letting me know. *mutter mutter* euphemisms, PR and deception....