28 April 2009

Crew TV: Science Fiction series

I started watching Crew TV last night. It's this new web series that, in their own words, is "The Office meets Star Trek".

Has a good sense of humor and I am eager to catch more episodes.

I love the description of the ship. This happens when the engineer picks up a map and tells us who lives where.

Nice adaptation of The Office! We need more comedy like this. :)

More episodes to watch tonight. Hurrah!

I am slightly wary ... it would be immensely sad if geo-restrictions were implemented on the series. You know how it is, you follow it, tons of others in various countries too, you add to the stats and ratings and bada boom! Series is nabbed and no longer avail outside US.


That happened to one or two that I followed (you know who you are). Still not forgiven!