29 April 2009

Epic Fail in the Writing Industry

"What should writers blog about?"

What a dumbass question!

If you are a writer by profession, you should be the last person pondering this question. At this point I would assume you've got a lots of hobbies and interests that you wish to talk about.

Or that you want to discuss issues close to your heart with an online community?

Perhaps you had a carp day and you want to rant about it?

What an excellent indication that print writers have trouble making transition to the internet. Not everyone is like this; folks like Neil Gaiman do an excellent job blogging and twittering.

Furthermore, back in the good old days when computers were just novelty items, writers like Douglas Adams embraced the technology and incorporated it into his writing.

Maybe the problem is that these folks, with their online writer's block(s), have trouble conceiving of a two-way dialog? After all, they used to just write something and publish it; people were just there to quietly read it and listen to them. What the heck is all this interaction, it wasn't there then!


Hilath said...

My problem nowadays is that I can't write anything that long. Do you think that's some kind of block?

Aktief Kulture said...

I thought your recent articles were nice and long. :) You've also got some short, descriptive ones but that adds to the mix, no?

Besides, shorter articles sometimes work better for some readers. Short attention span of the younger generation I tell you.

Hilath said...

That's OK then I guess :-) cheers.