03 April 2009

Friday Links

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$Pirate = ( 'free publicity')

Hmm, looks like Sweden is cracking down on piracy.


Sweden's new policy - the Local IPRED law - allows copyright holders to force internet service providers (ISP) to reveal details of users sharing files.

It's never a good day when you adhere to the copyright police.

I buy the works I appreciate and don't download music etc. but it does offend me when folks criminalize users.

Ye, in a few years when they find out marketing costs way more money now that free publicity via users is not available, come back then.

Source: BBC


In other news, apparently Google is trying to buy Twitter. Or something along those lines.

Maybe one search engine is going to hook up and feed off the other, I don't know.

I'm still thinking about poor Sweden.

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Een horn?

I read somewhere in the newsletter (that I get from the Conlan Press site) that there might be talk about a Last Unicorn live action movie.

I would be wary but then P.S. Beagle seems quite particular about the story and adaptation so I think it will turn out alright.

Unless they sign on Zac Efron. *gag* That would be a deal breaker.

By the way, if you are a fan, do support his work by buying from Conlan Press. Read more about it at their website.

Source: Conlan Press