21 April 2009

When bad books happen to good people ... welll ...


Stephenie Myer's ex-buddy is suing her; apparently the whole teens-with-fangs love story was somehow inspired from "short story together when both students at Brigham Young University".

My first question was, why would a friend sue you?

But then they did say 'former friend'. I imagined some sort of angry nasty cat fight between the two before Stanton walked off to use legal means. Scenes from Desperate Housewives come to mind.

Do you honestly want to be associated with that story? Really?

The Twilight series is downright awful. The woman shot vampire dignity to shreds. Nosferatu is choking on his own ashes. Leslie Nielsen's version had more substance than those series.

It's not a literary classic or work of art. Move on, lady!


aindhy said...

Hear Stephen King's perspective on Meyer?!?!


I've never read the Twilight books... and never plan on reading them... just from the reviews... and the quotes from the book - used in said reviews as examples why not to read them.

Aktief Kulture said...

LOL. Way to go Stephen King! I think his was an excellent explanation, you know, why Meyer's books are famous.