14 August 2008

Diablo 3 art director quits

What's going on with Diablo 3?

First, there is a great uproar about the so-called colorful graphics by some disgruntled, angry fans out there (seriously, folks! Diablo 2 was quite sunny and happy clappy).

Then there was the petition of doom and gloom, basically stating that fans who pay the game are better judges of the intricacies involved in game development. Yeaaaaaa, right! Don't use the flipping filter on Photoshop, make your own little game and show 'em how it is done. I know it is a bit harsh, but think of it this way; whilst I may not personally agree with the content of certain stories or artwork, I will respect it as the creative vision of the geniuses behind the work. Their masterpiece, their creative license, their say.

Coming back to our story of the day, it seems that Brian Morrisroe, who is the art diretor for Diablo 3, has quit!

Sigh! It would be quite upsetting if he did leave due to that unfortunate and misguided petition. On a side note: majority rule is not might, as can be seen from the infamous Mirror cover - 60,000 people made a questionable decision and it don't make it right.

Diablo 3 has become of those weird ironies. Thousands hate it because they conceive the artwork to be similar to WOW which they deem a mass appealish, mass manufactured graphic work. And yet, their idea of 'fixing it' it to use their might in numbers to influence the art direction to something that is deemed 'more accurate'.

Seriously, shouldn't art be left to the artists behind the work? Let it stop there and no further!