01 August 2008

Irish wonders; prehistoric land?

This was utterly fascinating.

Off the northern coast of cosy Ireland, researchers have found a prehistoric bit of land - lakes, seas and cliffs and all.

Apparently, some of the geographical terrain is so well defined that researchers are now wondering why erosion has done any of the typical abrasion disfiguring moves.

Here's what grabbed my eye:

Could it mean that some cataclysmic event took place that allowed the sea to overwhelm the land before erosion could begin?

Hear that Jakers? Something interesting to ponder.

If you would like to read a little bit more about the research, check out this link. In an article featured in the Belfast Telegraph, a few more details about underwater expeditions and scientific explorations are mentioned. Some of them are not related to the scan in question but quite interesting to the curious mind, nonetheless.

Extract about prehistoric land:

The scan has revealed one sandbank which hadn't been known before, as well as a major discovery in Rathlin where the huge sheer cliffs plummet to around 200 metres below sea level.