29 August 2008

Watch Legend of Neil

I gotta admit I love Watch the Guild; count me in, I am a fan. And now, I've come across another web-series through the same site.

It's called Legend of Neil and it's hilarious.

Those of you who love games and just can't gt enough of singing "Link, he come to town" in a Deckard Cainish voice, will love the references to the legendary game.

Must admit I loved WTG more than this, but that was also because there are certain bits of gross humor that brings out the wimp in me i.e. throwing up bit kind of unhinged me (that's just me, am sure others will be less wussy). Rolling down the cliff and spurting blood was kinda fun though.

Nonetheless, I have watched all episodes of Legend of Neil and am eagerly awaiting the big boss ep on Sept. 4th.