12 August 2008

Lost season 5: Possible spoilers?

My google alert dropped this interesting bit of info into my mailbox. Apparently ABC has released promo pics of cast members and this has spurred a new wave of guessing games.

As a matter of fact, Remote Access sort of ponders whether Micheal (Harrold Perrineau) really died. Sure, there was the blast and he had that angry interview about race and staying power on the show ... but what if that was part of the plot? In the greater scheme of all things Lost, what if this was a ploy to deceive us?

Where all the pictures are concerned, I find it interesting that, despite looking all city slickerish and clean, the background is simply a depiction of an ocean horizon.

And why is Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) looking sad? He finally got Penny so he must be the most jovial of them all. What are we missing?

Correct me if I am wrong, but haven't we seen these characters in these outfits before on Season 4, possibly in the flash forwards? I have this nagging suspicion that we have. For instance, isn't that what Kate wore to the trial? And wasn't Hurley wearing the outfit when driving the car like crazy?