15 August 2008

Video kills the radio star and all good things must come to an end

Oh dear. This is one of those moments when you know a cult classic is going to die an indignified death.

* On a side note, I thoroughly support the vigorous protests by Rocky Horror creator, O'Brien. At least you are not a sell-out, mate.

MTV wants to make a remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show
! I don't even know where to begin ranting about this awful development.

Why must you take something sacred and ruin it?

MTV and Rocky Horror are located on opposite ends of the social spectrum ... MTV is the mass manufactured, conformist drone type rubbish that only the easily distracted and thoroughly confused will support. Rocky Horror Picture Show is the rebellious, gritty show that broke all norms and questions all social trends. Tim Curry in fish-net stockings and Meatloaf killed by a cleaver.

First the death of Star Wars and now this ... tis not our world anymore.