22 August 2008

Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled

How is this for terrible terrible news? According to PinkRayGun, Stargate Atlantis has been canceled! This despite the fact that the show was going strong, had a fantastic fan following ... all the hopes of everyone on the show, let alone the fans ...

I hope this is not an attempt by the network to 'reap' in more money using the 'straight to DVD' model. It is not fair for all the people involved in the show to have to go through that.

Oh and for those of you who would like to hear about it from the source, read the Gateworld statement here which includes quotes from producers.

Atlantis need to go the Dr Horrible route. Or find a way to cut the middleman out.

Perfectly good shows have to wow the networks and keep convincing them not to cancel.

I can see why Joss Whedon decided to be a pioneer and become the main controlling factor for his creative material (Dr Horrible).