13 August 2008

Interview with Robert Picardo

I came across this awesome interview of Robert Picardo; good times as Stargate Atlantis Commander.

It's not so much a spoiler as insight into his thoughts as the new commander, comparisons between Stargate and Star Trek and of course, rapport between him and other cast members.

And... his uniform is snazzy! “It’s kind of like a jogging suit. I do feel like I should break out into a run down the hallway, but I do like it. And it also has some slight leisure suit tendencies, too. I feel a little bit like an escapee from a late Seventies, early Eighties movie,” Picardo said. “But I look okay in it. I’m...it’s very good to have a trim butt in science fiction. I’ll leave it at that.”

AcedMag via Link