29 August 2008

Diablo 3: Sing for me, Barbie

Little bit of Diablo 3 news.

had a brief chat with lead designer Jay Wilson at the Leipzig Games Convention. And there was a teeny tiny revelation - only good old Barbarian will be showing his brute mug shot in the third installment. No Necro or any of the other classes.

I wonder if they will introduce something completely new OR just doll up some of the existing ones. Patience!

Check out their site for the pics by the way. I think WitchDoc looks awesome, in a Rafiki gone crazy sort of way.

Kotaku via bit-tech


dgoemans said...

it sort of makes sense, Diablo 1 had none of the same classes as Diablo 2... and all these idiots who are complaining probably don't really remember this. Diablo 1 had a Rogue, Sorceror and Warior, none of which featured in the bright and shiny D2. So Blizzard are doing what they're good at, coming up with great original content. Kudos to Blizzard... now wheres my SC2