14 August 2008

Interview with Jewel Staite

Another interview with an Atlantis cast member! This time it is with the new doc in town, Jewel Staite.

In a fun little chat with NZ Herald she talks a little bit about upcoming spoilers for Season 5 of Atlantis and her character, Dr Kelly.

Well, I don't know if it counts as a spoiler though; by now we all know that there is a love triangle of sorts between Dr Kelly, Ronon and McKay. What would be funny is a two-parter duel between Ronon and Mckay; phase one involves fighting with sticks and spears and phase two is a race against time to dismantle an explosive.

Extract from interview:
"Actually, the first time I was on Stargate: Atlantis was not as Dr Keller," says Staite, 26. Hidden under extensive prosthetic makeup in the season two episode Instinct, she played a Wraith child called Ellia "a Wraith with a heart of gold! She was raised by humans and all she wanted was to be loved and accepted."