11 December 2008

Bleach Avatar

You know I could have sworn I had a bleach avatar list somewhere on my blog ...

Well, turns out I am growing old and I can't quite remember what I was upto.

So here is a list of my favorite spots to hunt for Bleach Avatars.

1. Avatarist

A bit of Renji pics, some of Byakuya ... I've used this site a few times to get some nice, pretty avatars.

Granted, there doesn't seem to be too many choices here but this will do for now. Who knows, these guys will probably update their site and add more goodies.

2. Iconator

Another supper collection.

I notice it also has a few group shots as well.

3. Free Avatars

Great thing about this site is its mega collection.

By the way, do note that some of the same avatars lurk in each site. Guess they are the most popular ones. However, many do have their own little unique touch.