02 December 2008

What happened, years ago, today?

I wanted to post a bit of history news or at least a few links to some interesting history news.

And then I found that I depended on Yahoo & Wikipedia to gather up bits of info. Both of them are excellent sources but I was hoping for a more indepth, I've spent 50 year writing in this journal whilst investigating this museum, sort of sources.

Basically a few blogs or sites written by historians.

I came across a few, after resorting to trusty old Google (was too lazy for Hakia).

Is it me, or are most of these first few searches written by Western folk, based in perhaps the US?

Some of this made interesting reading, some sounded a bit one-sided.

My quest for more History blogs, sites continues.

In the meantime, I stuck with Wikipedia.

Here are some important events (general ongoings and turning points in people's lives that occurred on Dec 2) :

[Note: comments in square brackets are from me]

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery - United Nations ! [ Hooray! ]

1409 - The University of Leipzig opens. [Woot!]

1930 - Great Depression: US President Herbert Hoover goes before the United States Congress and asks for a US$150 million public works program to help generate jobs and stimulate the economy. [Bit of scary de ja vu].

1971 - Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, and Umm Al Quwain form the United Arab Emirates. [Am I too old for thinking UAE is a young lad of a nation?]

1988 - Benazir Bhutto is sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan, becoming the first woman to head the government of an Islam-dominated state. [Awwhh. Just remembered her tragic death.]