02 December 2008

Stars really do smile down on us

Photo Source: Wadde @ Flickr

There was a bit of excitement around the world as the moon looked all happy and smiley and the dish ran away with the spoon ... no wait ...

Jokes aside, this was quite a fascinating moment in the dynamics of astral bodies.

YahooNews mentions this in passing "A rare positioning of planets Venus, top left, and Jupiter, top right, and the crescent moon of the Earth provides a 'smiley' effect ... "

Would we have called it a smiley if this was not a tech savvy world? Sure it would still be a beaming 'face' of sorts but the word 'smiley' itself tells a lot about us, don't it?

Pic via Wadde via Flickr


Ayya said...

:) ur right, tech jargon really has influenced the way we communicate huh!

Aktief Kulture said...

All we need are emergency flares that form smileys etc. :)