10 December 2008

House on the Haunted Hill

Tick off one more movie from my list of movies to watch.

This one is the 1959 version of House on the Haunted Hill which was directed by William Castle. People may recall the 1999 remake with Geoffrey Rush which was a bit of color and blood-fest bonanza. The best bits about that movie was Rush and Manson's song in the credits.

The 1959 Haunted movie is same as the new one. Bottom line: Stay in this house overnight and you get tons of money, hooray!

Only thing is people get killed off. Well, not in the older version.

The William Castle one didn't pot off everyone until one or two remained of all folks hankering after all that moolah. In fact, this movie focused on potential hauntings, everyone wondering if someone was going to die. Then it turned into a whodunnit of sorts.

What I liked about movie:

Everyone looked normal! I mean really. All characters had an untainted look that said this face has not been to the plastic surgeon. It was impressive to see distinct features on each character, something that I would say is lacking today.

Another noteworthy bit is the storytelling. The unfolding of the story is subtle and the tale itself flows at a comfortably slow pace.

Might I add that no one at any given point turned around after a dramatic moment and spit out the words "Take that motherf****r!" Thank chilly beans for that!

Some annoying bits:

The movie did have its jarring bits. I always get annoyed when something is just randomly introduced at the beginning of the story. Then you know it's going to play a role later on. Enter the pool of acid. Ah yes, wonder when this will be used.

By the way, last time I heard hosts hid embarrassing little facts about the house so as to look amiable in the eyes of the guests.

Second bit to note. That secretary whatchamacallit was considerably irritating. She had one too many hysterical screaming moments. Wonder what her audition consisted of. To be fair, the other woman who was part of the contest was a bit more pragmatic. And less likely to grip her hair in her hands, shriek and then dash out of the room.

All in all, a good movie.