26 December 2008

Snow, stargate and emo kids

Friday Links

Synthetic snow in Russia

Interesting news article.

Apparently the recent snowfall in Russia might be due to industrial activity.

Origins of the light snow which has been falling in Moscow over the last week may not be natural. According to Alexey Lyahov, head of Moscow’s hydro meteorological centre, it was formed as a result of the activities of industrial plants in the capital and its region.


Drawing An Emo Kid

Alright, so maybe you don't want to draw an emo kiddo.

But you could draw a cute goth kid instead, there you go!

This is a cool tutorial by Designious on illustrating a charming little character.

All I have to do is figure out how to do this using Inkscape and Gimp.

Davies hates Stargate?

That's a bit of angry exchange of words. Or in this case, one sided remarks about a show.

Dr Who creator (i.e. of the new ones) Russell T. Davies made a few uncalled for comments about Robert Carlyle joining Stargate Universe.

"Stargate, can you believe it?" Davies said. "That was a surprise. Has his agent watched it?"

Any chance he was trying to be witty and failed? I mean epic fail?

I can't understand him being snide about SG-1 or Atlantis. I am reserving judgement about Universe, the show that stabbed Atlantis in the back. No, I don't feel angry at all; whatever gave you that idea?

Here is the link to BBC interview which has the Davies interview.



aindhy said...

I thought SG-1 was GREAT - Atlantis, at first, failed to live up to expectations and never did reach SG-1 status in my book... but, while also being a fan of the new Doctor Who, Davies' comments were uncalled for...

And yea... they way they've been describing Universe... I'll hold judgment too... But Carlyle seems a step in the right direction - fingers crossed!

Aktief Kulture said...

I think I'll wait a bit before I watch it. Still got the angry, ruffled SGA fan syndrome on my side. :)

You do wonder why Davies got all angry and snappy about SGA.

And ye, SGA was good but was not legendary like SG-1.