01 December 2008

New Buffy Movie in the works?

Is Joss Whedon gonna make a Buffy movie?

Seems to be quite a lot of rumors going around in the past few weeks.

I for one would not complain, as I strive to collect the entire collection of Buffy & Angel (special in stores now; goodbye Mr Wallet).

Kind of lame that everyone is gushing about Twilight and then thinking, hey. Maybe we should bring out a Buffy movie.

Whether it is stake season is and should not be dictated by mainstream moviegoers.

Ye, for the record, Joss Whedon's vampire series will make a great movie, any day.

If he is still the director & writer.

And Fox does not barf all over it, as they seem to do with most of his projects.

Someone should ask Whedon ... have you considered finding a producer outside of US?