19 December 2008

Friday Links

New species of dinosaurs in Africa

Exciting discoveries.

According to Science Daily,

The team [of paleontologists] have discovered what appears to be a new type of pterosaur and a previously unknown sauropod, a species of giant plant-eating dinosaur. Both would have lived almost one hundred million years ago.

Round the world in a solar taxi

Innovative ways of living. Who says everything that can ever be discovered has been, er uncovered?

Swiss inventor Louis Palmer says he has completed a round-the-world trip in a solar-powered taxi without using a single drop of fuel.

Apparently, Jay Leno and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hitched a ride on it as well.


If languages were religions

This was fun.

What if programming languages were religions?

LOLCODE would be Pastafarianism - An esoteric, Internet-born belief that nobody really takes seriously, despite all the efforts to develop and spread it.

I had to laugh at the VB's er deity stance.