12 December 2008

Copyrights, games and Stargates

Atari is back - bang or fizzle?

Oh wow. Infogrames (alright Muggles, I'll tell you. They made Alone in the Dark) now owns Atari. I mean the whole package, not just a bit of shares here and there.

Looks like they are out to release some new games and get back into the arena.

I hope they make some good decisions.

As it is, I don't know if making games out of famous movies is the way to go.

Not for the hardcore gamer.


Man denies bottle smash attack

Update on the attacker who slung a beer bottle at Jason Momoa. While I mention it jokingly, it sounded like a bit of a nasty fight.


Momoa got about 140 stitches during reconstructive surgery, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Bando suffered four injuries to his hand and got 15 stitches, according to his attorney, James Blatt.

Turns out the man pleads "Not Guilty". Right!


We put a smile on their faces

Someone tried to patent the smiley?!

Well looks like it didn't work.

”The smiley graphic symbol is incapable of individualising the products and can’t fulfill the function of a trademark, therefore it can’t be registered as one,” says Rospatent’s statement.

Earlier, Russian mobile advertising operator, Superfon, had copyrighted the famous smiley graphic image. From now on, the firm said, companies in Russia wishing to use a smiley on promotional material would need Superfon’s permission, reported business newspaper Kommersant.

To think US keeps talking about their differences; looks like making money out of patents caught on rather well.