18 December 2008

Peter the Great's ship found

Interesting discoveries in Russia.

Archaeologists may have found one of the ships belonging to Peter the Great which incidentally was one of the ships making a beeline for Finland. For glory and conquering purposes as was the norm then (and now, but who's keeping count here).

By the way, the ship was found underwater, in the Gulf of Finland, within the vicinity of the Nord Stream pipeline.

“The ship was probably built in 1710 and sank during a raid aimed at conquering Finland,” said Sergey Kobylyansky, Administrative Director of the “Undersea Heritage of Russia” archaeological project.

Peter the Great was this dashing figure of a leader who ushered in a stellar age for Russia (1672 - 1725). You know the drill, conquer lots of land, expand the area, bring in fantastic new developments, that sort of thing.

It's exciting news, especially when you read a little bit more about the battles and fights during this leader's time.