15 December 2008

Pratchett interview with Gaiman from 1985

I found an interview of Terry Pratchett dating back to 1985. This was right after he has written Color of Magic (well, before had truly dived into the whole Discworld series).

I guess it makes sense that the folks didn't know who Neil Gaiman was then. When I read it right now, I have to laugh at the introduction page: Space Voyager - Interview by some guy named Neil Gaiman, in Space Voyager, Issue #15, June/July 1985 [The Colour of Magic].

Maybe I am not getting it. Maybe whoever was writing this meant that in good humor, in a tongue in cheek manner and I just read that wrong?


Besides writing fantasy and science fiction, acting as dungeon master to his local Dungeons and Dragons group, and casting bees and locusts in precious metals (all of which he does) Terry is currently employed as a PR for the electricity board, and has been a journalist for many years.

He plays D&D!!! Sigh!

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